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xjs-bw2.JPG (5211 bytes) The replacement for the E-Type, the Jaguar XJS matched the XJ Sedans in longevity and in variations (XJS, XJS-HE, XJ-SC [Cabriolet], XJS Convertible).  Check our XJS Model Guide below for more details. Below are the Jaguar conversions and Jaguar parts available from John's Cars.
Chevy V8 Conversion Where it all began, the Chevy V8 conversion for the classic XJ Sedan and all XJS.  With our conversion kit, you can use the Chevy motor and automatic transmission of your choice to create your dream Jaguar.
XJS Quarterbreed Stuck in 3rd gear?  LEAP into the 21st century with a T700 overdrive behind your V12 motor.  This is the latest of our retrofits for all XJS with a V12.
XJS Parts We carry a full range of spares for your XJS – new, rebuilt, aftermarket and used.  Check out our parts and products pages.
XJS Model Guide What does the "HE" mean anyways?  When did the XJS come with airbags or antilock brakes? Find the answers here.
XJS Buyers Checklist Ready to buy a Jaguar and make your dreams come true?  Don't go looking without our checklist of common problems and look fors.
New Products JCI now offers a new option on our Chevy V8 conversion that will let you re-use the T400 transmission that came behind the V12 motor (1978 to 1992 XJS).  The option is called "J400".

XJS Model Guide
The replacement for the E-Type, the Jaguar XJS matched the XJ Sedans in longevity and in variations (XJS, XJS-HE, XJ-SC [Cabriolet], XJS Convertible).      
XJS 1976 to 1980. Two door Coupe introduced in late 1975 as successor to the EType. Four place car with room for two. Built on 102" wheelbase. Supplied with the Fuel injection V12 only, alloy wheels, and SII Sedan type accessories. Rear sway bar, 3.31 rear axle with "XJ-S" lettering.  No cars manufactured in 1981.
XJS-HE 1982 to 1996. Chrome top blades for the bumpers, wood trim to dash and door panels, new 928ish 5-spoke wheels and Series 3 Sedan refinements added.  A high-efficiency (HE) motor and 2.88 gear ratio combined to give fuel economy second only to Rolls-Royce.  In 1987, the XJ-SC was Jaguar's re-entry into the open air market, not a "true" convertible, more like a Triumph Stag take-off (2 seater only). 1989 introduced Marelli ignition, ABS brakes, BBS style alloy wheels and a factory built convertible (the 86 to 88 convertibles had their tops chopped in the U.S.A. by Hess and Eisenhart – parts for this convertible mechanism are non-existent – think twice before you buy one). 1990 XJS have tilt-wheel steering column and drivers side airbag. The 1992 model received a facelift including Eurostyle single headlamp units, wrap-around taillights and new bumpers with side marker lamps built-in.   In 1994, the 4.0 6-cyl and outboard rear brakes became standard.  The 6.0L V12 option available through 1995. Replaced by the XK8 in 1996.
ALL XJS All cars have fully independent suspension and four wheel disc brakes (inboard on the rear until 1994).  Brake and suspension components virtually identical on all XJ cars since 1974. All models have Lucas electrics unless otherwise noted. V12 cars featured positraction rear axles. Telescoping steering column all models – tilt not available. U.S. V12 have BW trans until 1977, then all 1977-on V12 use a GM T400 with a special "Jaguar only" case that will not adapt to earlier V12 engines, Jaguar 6 cylinder motors nor Chevy V8's. 6 cylinders are 4.2 liters (258 inches), V12 are 5.3 liters (327 inches) or 6.0L. There are exceptions to everything. If you are presented a car that is "special", especially year or model wise – BE CAUTIOUS.

The following table lists the starting VIN (vehicle identification number) for each USA model year.  Example:  All 1985 XJS fall between 117339 and 125019 (last 6 digits).  Your VIN is important because it is the final authority on when your car was built and what components apply to it.  Keep you VIN number handy when ordering parts for your Jaguar.

The VIN is typically located on the driver's windshield pillar or the driver's door or jam.  On USA cars federal law specifies that it be permanently affixed in the dash area. Jaguar cars have a plate that is riveted to the windshield (roof) post on the driver's side. Gray market cars usually have a metal tag glued to the dash pad. Additionally this number is stamped into the RH fender brace or cowl brace and finally it is on the door or door jamb (by the hinge on early sedans, lock striker on XJS) on a embossed label. All three should match - be cautious if they do not. The label is often painted over but usually you can still read it. This is where the build date, i.e., 8/79 will be found. Earlier Sedans have a metal plate with engine, transmission, body information stamped in it that is riveted to the fender well. European cars have a 2 x 3" label with similar information under the hood. The color and trim codes are usually found on 1980-> stick-on labels with the VIN.

Year XJS (Coupe) XJS (Convertible)
1976 2W 50001 X
1977 UH2W 52727 X
UJ2W 54673
JNVEV 48C 100001
1979 JNEVEV 49C 100234 X
1980 JNEVEV 4AC 104236 X
1981 XJS-HE (Coupe) X
1982 SAJNV 584 CC 105338 X
1983 SAJNV 584 DC 107988 X
1984 SAJNV 584 EC 112232 X
1985 SAJNV 584 FC 117339 X
1986 SAJNV 584 GC 125020 X
1987 SAJN{} 584 HC 134286 =SAJN{} 384 HC 134286
1988 SAJNA 584[] JC 139052 =SAJNA 384[] JC 139067
1989 SAJNY 584[] KC 148782 SAJNV 484[] KC 150852
1990 SAJNW 584[] LC 165791 SAJNW 484[] LC 165791
1991 SAJTW 584[] MC 176100 SAJTW 484[] MC 176341
1992 SAJNW 584[] NC 179737 SAJNW 484[] NC 179737
1993 SAJNW 584[] PC 185820
*SAJNW 574[] PC 185820
SAJNW 484[] PC 185820
*SAJNW 474[] PC 185820
1994 *SAJNX 574[] RC 190528
**SAJNX 534[] RC 190528
*SAJNX +74[] RC 190528
**SAJNX +34[] RC 190528
1995 *SAJNX 574[] SC 194775
**SAJNX 534[] SC 194775
*SAJNX 274[] SC 194775
**SAJNX 234[] SC 194775
1996 *SAJNX 574[] TC 222632 *SAJNX 234[] TC 222632
Notes VIN references are for USA cars only.
All XJS are 5.3L V12 with automatics unless otherwise noted.
There were no XJS produced in 1981.
{} 1987 only, V=Active Seat Belt, A=Passive Seat Belt
=  1987, 1988 XJS Conv are actually Cabriolet
[] Security Character (0 to 9)
*  4.0L 6-cylinder
** 6.0L 12-cylinder
+  1994 Conv Only, 4=2 seater, 2=4 seater (2+2)